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We’ve been changing people’s lives through health and happiness for 30 years. Join us in living better today.

Herbalife was born from the personal tragedy of Mark Hughes. When Mark was eighteen years old his mother died of an accidental overdose of prescription diet pills.
Since that day, Mark has dedicated his life to helping people lose weight and improve their health safely and effectively. In February 1980, Mark Hughes launched Herbalife International!
Sales the first month were $23,000. Then due to the perseverance of Mark Hughes, first year sales skyrocketed to $2 MILLION! Herbalife is now a multi-national nutrition company with sales over $1.7 BILLION a year! Mark has set the sails of Herbalife to achieve $5 BILLION a year within the next few years, and with Mark's outstanding record of achievements, it is a goal that can be reached!
Herbalife is bringing the world together through good nutrition. Mark's dream is to take Herbalife products to every corner of the planet and provide people with the opportunity his mother did not have.

Herbalife started in Beverly Hills, California, where we now have our world headquarters. With an aggressive expansion attitude, Herbalife currently operates in 73 countries, and we welcome new countries every year!
In addition to our international expansion efforts, Herbalife is a company for the future. With major involvement in D.A.R.E. and the creation of the Herbalife Family Foundation Herbalife is dedicated to improving the lives of all people!
Herbalife is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) of Australia & New Zealand and is a member of the Direct Selling Association in most of the countries where it operates. Herbalife has more than 2.1 million Independent Distributors worldwide. Each Distributor enjoys the freedom that comes from being your own boss.
Herbalife emphasizes herbs and other natural ingredients in our weight loss, nutritional and personal care product lines. Our exclusive formulations appeal to the growing consumer interest in herbal and natural products.

How it Works
It couldn't be easier!

Herbalife makes changing your life simple and uncomplicated-especially when it comes to joining the team as a distributor. To become a distributor, go to our Contact Herbalife section. We'll match you up with a distributor in your area who can help you get started on the most exciting business opportunity available.
At Herbalife, your success is a priority and that's why when you become an active distributor you'll receive proven-effective tools that will help you every step of the way. One of the most important being the International Business Opportunity Manual.
The all-important business manual.
Included in every International Business Pack, which you'll receive when you sign up as a distributor, is a comprehensive guidebook called the International Business Opportunity Manual. This is your complete guidebook to setting up an Herbalife business.
The International Business Opportunity Manual leads you through the business-building process in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner. Everything you need to know is found in this supremely important volume. It contains all the "secrets" of Herbalife success!

"Use, Wear, Talk!"

All Herbalife distributors follow the principle of "Use, Wear, Talk." Every single one of them. Here's how it works:
Use the products. Herbalife distributors have a favourite saying: "You must become a product of the products." And that's true. The products come first. With them, you can improve your health. And one result of doing this is having your own product-success story to share with prospects. Besides, you can retail the products most effectively when your love for them is genuine and obvious.
Wear the button. The Herbalife buttons - "Lose Weight Now/Ask Me How," "I Love Herbalife" - are called the "silent salespersons." And for good reason. They get results. The buttons draw people to you. Wear an Herbalife button every day and let everyone know you're an Herbalife distributor.
Talk to people! You'd be amazed at the way distributors just love to talk about Herbalife-the products, product results, the business opportunity, financial-success stories and more. Being a distributor entails getting out there and sharing your love of Herbalife with new people every day.

Other benefits of being a distributor.
Being able to purchase your Herbalife products at significant discounts.
The opportunity to see the world! Herbalife frequently offers generous travel benefits to ambitious distributors who qualify for high-level training events. And many distributors are in charge of independent business networks that span several countries. A distributor can stay local or go global! Again, it's all up to you.
Access to state-of-the-art communications systems such as the Herbalife Broadcast Network (HBN), TouchFON information system and exclusive distributor-related services offered on the company's web site, to name a few.
Being able to receive regular, pre-determined product orders at your doorstep (and at a discount) through the Herbalife Advantage Program (HAP).
And much, much more!
What are you waiting for?

Join the Herbalife family now! Meet exciting people all over the world. Share in a success movement that's growing faster than ever. This is the best time to become an Herbalife distributor!

Why Herbalife?
Why Herbalife and not some other direct-marketing opportunity? Glad you asked. The answer is the products, the people and the marketing plan, which combine to make Herbalife the best company in the industry!

A tradition of excellence.
Herbalife has a shining track record of success and skyrocketing growth spanning over two decades. Its nutritional and personal-care products are widely regarded as the best on the market. The people who sell these products are committed to spreading the word about good health, not just to making money. And they're supported by the best marketing plan in the industry. The list goes on.

When you become an Herbalife distributor, you're joining a winning team that has been changing the world for a long time and will continue doing so for an even longer time to come. Herbalife is here to stay!

Here are just a few reasons why you should make Herbalife your opportunity for success:

Herbalife makes the finest nutritional and personal-care products in the world.

Pure and simple. Millions of satisfied customers have been experiencing safe, healthy and nutritionally oriented weight loss thanks to Herbalife's uniquely effective products and programmes. The products work and they work well. Our herbal-based supplements are formulated from only the very best botanicals and other natural ingredients. And Herbalife's personal-care lines represent the new state of the art in the $200-billion beauty industry. Herbalife is the best because it helps people feel and look their best.

Herbalife offers the best marketing plan.

This business opportunity is the most rewarding and comprehensive in the direct-marketing industry. If you're truly committed to working the business, the business will work for you. Herbalife's compensation plan is the most generous you will ever find. For example, Herbalife's top-performing distributors have received bonus checks of up to $1 million-in addition to their "regular" earnings as distributors.* Whether you want to work part time or full time, earn some extra cash or become rich, Herbalife makes it all possible.

Herbalife has a proven track record.

Herbalife has been changing lives for the better for over 30 years. If Herbalife didn't possess that kind of credibility and integrity, it wouldn't have a two-decade track record of success. People come to Herbalife because they know the company will always be there for them.

Our sales team is committed to success - their own and yours.

Herbalife distributors are passionately committed to the products that changed their own lives and are dedicated to spreading the word. And as an Herbalife distributor achieves financial success, he or she always wants to help others succeed as well. Your support system is the entire family of Herbalife distributors.

Herbalife is overseen by a management team of talented professionals.

Besides having the best products, the best marketing plan and the best distributors, Herbalife can boast of possessing a uniquely qualified management team. The company is strong because it is run by a talented executive team that has developed a solid, sound corporate structure.